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Sound Bath Relaxation Immersion

  • MOOD Lifeclub 180 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne (map)

Sound Bath Relaxation Immersion - SOLD OUT

In this 60 minute workshop, the immersion into sound waves and frequencies coming from live singing and alchemy singing bowls in this workshop will provide a deep relaxation and a revitalizing effect on the body, mind and emotions. It facilitates connection to higher states of consciousness.

The benefits of this in-depth immersion are:

· Liberation of stress and fatigue,

· Clarity of mind, and better sleep,

· Muscle tension release, lower blood pressure, regulation of breathing patterns,

· Strengthening of the immune system, balance of both hemispheres of the brain,

· Restoration of the natural flow of energy in the body.

Everything in the universe is in vibration. In our bodies, each one of our cells, organs, systems, even our thoughts and emotions are vibration. As we vibrate, we resonate with everything around us. Frequency is the means of communication between all things. In a bath sound, the stable frequency of the sound communicates it to the body on a cellular level facilitating the alignment and natural self-healing harmony of your being. The live singing paired with alchemy sound bowls will take you deep into a state of surrender, relaxation and balance.

Tuesday, Dec 11th | 8pm-9pm
Investment: $40
Only 9 Spots Available
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About me:

Carolina Giraldo

Musician, Sound Practitioner and Holistic Coach

My life has been a journey to the soul, to my true essence and purpose and I have found sound and vibration to be my sacred vehicle, my sweet companion, my magical instrument and powerful facilitator for my own healing and self-discovery. It has taken me to experience the wonder of getting carried away into elevated states of mind and has also grounded me into existence.

Empirically I started to experience with energy and sound and saw the incredible benefits it brought to my own being and to others. After I graduated as a musician from Florida State University, I devoted my life to share this gift with people. I graduated from the Globe institute in San Francisco as sound healer and I have worked doing private sound, workshops and energy sessions in Colombia and now here in the US.

I work with the wonderful sound of alchemy singing bowls, different melodic and percussive instruments and my own voice and energy.