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  • Mood LifeClub 180 Crandon Boulevard Key Biscayne, FL, 33149 United States (map)

Sacred Movement Series

Join yoga instructor Shanti Hauptmann for a journey to experience yoga beyond just the physical movements of the poses. Invoke them with intention, transform thru the power of the breath, feel balanced, energized by deepened connection to your essential highest Self.

This is a 3-series line up, where each workshop will focus on the embodiment of one of the three bodies: physical body (earth,fire), emotional body (water), subtle body (air, ether). Each 2-hr master class workshop will offer a practice of Sacred Movement with asana, pranayama, meditation, the elements, and essential oils.

Workshops can be taken in a series sequence or individually.

1st Sacred Series Physical Body (Earth & Fire) Yoga Workshop

Physical Body2hr workshop of the Sacred Movement series, is linked with the elements earth (prithvi) and fire (agni). Elements which are tangible just like our physical form. Learn to connecting to the ground beneath us, earth mass our bodies are made of, and awakening our internal fire as we explore a series of physical asana, pranayama and meditation to connect with fire and earth in our body.

Tuesday, March 7th | 7:30pm-9:30pm
Investment: $60
Only 8 Spots Available  
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