The word "power" means strength, energy, ability and control. Our power room was specially designed for our fitness classes. We believe in your power to achieve the best version of you! We provide outstanding and innovative fitness classes taught by top-notch trainers that motivate and inspire you to be better, below find the class that fits you! Book Here.

BalletFit barre SculptMOOD

Pre-Mood: Feeling Classy and Hard-Worker.
Post-Mood: Feeling Strong, Elegant and Graceful.
Have you ever wondered how ballerinas have such a toned body?
A challenging hour of sculpting on the barre and mat using fitness tools such as fit ball and resistance bands. The class is inspired by ballet movements to target specifically each group of muscles. You will feel your thighs, abs, and arms toned. Overtime, you will see improvements on your shape and posture.
Anti-slip grip socks recommended. Book here. 

All levels class. NO DANCE SKILLS NECESSARY! It’s not a classical ballet class.


Pre-Mood: Feeling Ready to Give your Best.
Post-Mood: Feeling Confidant, Toned and Energized.
Are you looking for a have it all class, to challenge yourself? No repetition is the rule; designed to push your limits using HIIT, strength training with weights, TRX, core ball, resistance bands, gliders and body weight. The goal is to build strength and make you sweat.

All levels class. Book here.


Pre-Mood: Feeling Vigorous and Hard-Worker.
Post-Mood: Feeling Accomplished, Toned and Energized.
Are you ready to rock a cardio and strength class in a fun way?
Accelerate your metabolism with 30 minutes of a cardio on a trampoline + 30 minutes of full body strength training utilizing dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls and core exercises. It is a full body workout. This class burns an estimated 400-700 calories per workout. Sport shoes required.

All levels class. Book here.
**This class is not recommended if you are pregnant. 

Strength training ATHLETEMOOD

Pre-Mood: Looking to Improve Endurance and Tone. 
Post-Mood: Feeling Strong and Energized.

Training for a race? Strength training is a critical component to an athletes’ performance and it can be improved with a well-structured strength routine.
Improving muscular endurance increases an athlete's ability to exercise more efficiently, avoid injury and recover faster.  This class mixes cardio, plyometric, functional exercises, calisthenics and isometric training for full body conditioning. You will be working out at an advanced level. Train like the pros for the ultimate physique.

Intermediate/Advanced levels only, that means you have been training consistently lately and/or might have participated in sports events such as endurance races, triathlon, etc.. Book here.