KidsMood Yoga Series

Mood LifeClub happily offers “KidsMood Yoga Series” provided by Happy Warriors Yoga! New Session starts on  April 23rd for a 5 weeks series every Monday.

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Why Happy Warrior Yoga? Philosophy and Values

The warrior is a relevant figure and pose in yoga practice, and represents in many ways a lot of what yoga can bring to our lives. The true warrior has special qualities; she has a strong body, a wise mind and a kind heart. With those qualities the warrior faces all challenges wisely, embodying fairness, kindness, strength, courage and determination. Our program enables the children and teenagers to find their internal warriors and develop those qualities and abilities.

The Benefits

The benefits of yoga for kids include: 

  • increases focus and attention
  • the development of a strong, flexible body and mind-body connection  
  • greater health and well-being
  • the fostering of a healthy self awareness
  • the ability to recognize internal states of mind and internal feelings
  • the discovery of readily available ways to manage those internal states (self regulation) 
  • becoming socially aware (empathy, concern and ability to see impact of self on others), Adds compassion, kindness and patience
  • supporting healthy relationships with others including teachers, family members, fellow students, and the overall community
  • creating optimal learning readiness
  • supporting and enhancing emergent literacy
  • stress reduction and decreasing the negative effects of stress on children, teachers, and parents 
  • increased attention, better behavior, and cooperation, and a general sense of ease, joy, inquisitiveness, and satisfaction for all parties:  child, teacher, parent





The happy warrior has a strong body

Through the practice of yoga poses, the child can enhance body awareness, develop balance, flexibility and coordination, and experience a mind-body integration.

The happy warrior has a wise mind

Through breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation, the child can better deal with emotional, social and physical challenges, increase focus and concentration, develop self awareness and self regulation skills, and raise confidence and self-steem.

The happy warrior has a kind heart

Through fun and engaging activities, story telling and games the child can create a sense of community, develop respect and compassion for the others and become a resilient and resourceful human being.


Little Warriors 3 to 6 year olds:

We take our littlest warriors on a yoga journey that they will never forget! We partner with them using animated poses that help strengthen coordination and build body awareness. Through story telling, games, art, music and breathing exercises, we teach them skills to develop a sense of independence and methods for sharing, listening and following directions.

Days | Monday

Time | 4-5 p.m.

Session | April 23rd-May 21st 

(5 weeks; one-class per week)

Investment $150 - ($30/class 1x week)

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