"powerful habits" a personalized Fitness & Nutrition Program



“Powerful Habits” Program Includes:

  • A kick-off meeting with Elisabeth Treese:

    -   Understanding behavior patterns regarding food/emotion and how to change/switch them

    -   Private Individual Fitness Assessment : body composition, postural analysis, and metabolic measurement (optional).

  • Includes Unlimited Fitness & Yoga classes at Mood LifeClub for 30 consecutive days.

  • Nutrition support from Elisabeth Treese (Precision Nutrition Certified Coach):

-   A customized 5-weeks meal plan including healthy meal options and recipes

-   Easy-to-follow guidelines to master clean eating habits

-   Superfood grocery’s list

-   Weekly emails

  • Mood LifeClub Shirt

  • Extra motivation from a MoodFriend ($30 OFF for you and a friend if you join together)

  • 10% Discount in our fitness apparel boutique.

  • Program Price: $450 ($700 Value)


Program Dates & Investment

1st Week - Kick-off Meeting | TBD with Coach

2nd Week - Nutrition Email Check-in

3rd Week - Nutrition Email Check-in

4th Week - Nutrition Email Check-in

5th Week - Final Meeting Assessment | TBD with Coach

Program Investment: $450 ($700 Value)

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Overview - "Powerful Habits" Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Program

Now that your agenda is adjusted, we would also like to help you to get back on track.

Mood LifeClub proudly presents “Powerful Habits” Program, a personalized fitness & nutrition program! Conducted by Elisabeth Treese, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and Fitness Instructor, she will develop a customized easy 5-week plan for you to get back on track with healthier eating habits, exercise routine as well as enhancing your mood.

With our new program you’ll have the support you need not only to get fit but also to make important behavioral changes. Feel renewed, confident, and ready to continue living a healthy life! You, together with Elisabeth, can choose from a variety of classes such as yoga, ballet fit, HIIT or other classes, our holistic approach to wellness will have you feeling and looking the best version of yourself!

MOODFRIEND PROMO - For An Extra Motivation & Savings

We know that we achieve more together! Boost your motivation and results by signing up for the challenge with a friend.

If you sign up with a friend both of you’ll each receive $30 OFF! After purchasing online, email us with both of your names and we’ll refund $30 of the full price.

You can also come together at Mood LifeClub and register in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect in the KICK-OFF Meeting?

Elisabeth Treese, our Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and Fitness Instructor, will give a lecture about understanding behavior patterns regarding food/emotion and how to change/switch them, will provide a customized 5-week meal plan; including healthy meal options and recipes, an easy-to-follow guidelines to master clean eating habits and will explain the food journal and grocery list.

You’ll leave the meeting with a personalized program to achieve the best version of you.

  • Who chooses my classes each week?

Elisabeth will recommend a program for you and you choose the classes that fit your schedule and that you like the most. Simply book and adjust your classes as needed on Mood LifeClub website or Mood app available at Apple and Google store. 

  • When do my classes expire?

Classes will expire after 30 consecutive days from the day of your first usage . This program is only valid for the period stipulated so you can get the best results of your effort.

  • What if I already have a package from Mood LifeClub?

Your current package will be frozen for 30 days so you can continue to use it after the program.