The Sanskrit of yoga means “union”. It means the union of the individual self with the body, mind and spirit. It is the connection of the breath to the body, the connection of the mind to the muscles and the connection of the soul to the consciousness. Hence, a consistent yoga practice integrates all three, leading to a flexible and toned body, to a conscious and focused mind and to a fulfilled and connected soul.

Our sanctuary room was specially designed for the yoga practice; a quiet, zen and oval shaped room where the energy flows calmly. The soft and color changing lights make you feel a bit in heaven! Come and feel the bliss! Book here.



Pre-Mood: Adventurous, Open-minded and Novelty-seekers.
Post-Mood: Invincible, Light and Accomplished.
Did you enjoy swinging on the playground as a kid?
So, you are encouraged to try out this fun fusion of yoga and aerial arts.
With the support of a soft suspended fabric, Aerial Yoga is a fun way of combining classical yoga poses with elements of aerial acrobatics; it assists you to achieve traditional Yoga positions. Builds strength & flexibility.
You do not need to be natural-born gymnast to come play!
Please read carefully our physical contraindications and etiquette click here.
Students of all levels can learn to flip, fly, and flow.
All levels class. Book here.



Pre-Mood: Vigorous, Hard-worker.
Post-Mood: Body & Mind Balanced and Strong, feeling Energized.
Come ready to sweat!
An invigorating dynamic flow of postures matched with breath. Designed to develop the body’s cardiovascular health, strength, and range of motion in an intelligent fashion leading to a final relaxation. This class is a “stronger version” of our Vinyasa Flow Yoga class.
It is tailored for you to start your day full of energy or to relief all the stress from a tough day. 
Sculpts, tones & promotes flexibility.
All levels class. Book here.

FLOWMOOD Vinyasa Yoga

Pre-Mood: Vigorous, Hard-worker.
Post-Mood: Body & Mind Balanced and Strong, feeling Bliss, Energized.
A dynamic yoga style that coordinates movement with invigorating breath work (pranayama) to flow from one pose to the next, creating a moving meditation.
It aims to strengthen and stretch the upper and lower body with a strong practice concentrated on core control, allowing energy to move through the body. Learn arm balances, inversions, and twists as you work towards a final relaxation - “Savasana” leaving you in an upmost happiness mood.
Sculpts, tones & promotes flexibility.
All levels class. Book here.



Pre-Mood: Chill, Tired or Stressed.
Post-Mood: Relaxed, Calm, Focused, Flexible.
Have you ever wanted to stay longer in savasana?
Enjoy a relaxing slow-paced class that starts with deep breathing and evolves to yoga posture sequences designed to restore and stretch, enriched by a deep relaxing meditation.
It is a perfect pair to our more vigorous classes.
All levels class. Book here.



Pre-Mood: Vigorous.
Post-Mood: Body & Mind Balanced and Strong, feeling Energized.
Start your day full of energy! This open level yoga class is the perfect way to awaken, strengthen your body and create mental clarity for the whole day!
All levels class. 



Pre-Mood: Tight, Need Focus and Concentration.
Post-Mood: Body Stretched and Strong.
Do you feel tight when training? Then, you remember your coach saying take a time to stretch often but you either forget it or don’t find time for it. Do you know Yoga makes a good athlete even better? This class is specifically designed to stretch your tight muscles and to strengthen your core.
It will help you to improve performance by losing up tight muscles and by providing more range of motion, making your form more efficient.
All levels class. Book here.